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Hello World!

Welcome to Codesign,

We develop websites. All sorts of custom built websites. What you see here is our version of the fancy wordpress style blog. It's super light on code and complication, is custom built and so can be modified in any way you like. It has an admin back-end that the site owner can log into and upload and edit new content, and finally, it is SEO (search engine optimization) ready, which means that you can update your SEO on the fly and be done with it. Ah yes, it is also completely 'responsive', meaning it looks great on all internet devices.

seo ready cms blog site

The admin section means that it is also a CMS, content management system, not unlike wordpress and the like, which means that if you owned this site, you would be the webmaster - with full control of the content on the site, and you won't need us to update for you.

The site does not require a database to store information as it creates a new page on demand and writes it right there. The front page is also editable, as are any other important pages that can be added at any time. As you can see, social media platforms can also be easily integrated.

If you'd like to own one of these sites and have it customized to your look and feel, this can be arranged thru the contact slider on the left. We would then like to keep the site for you with our competitive monthly or annual hosting packages. This means that if there's ever a problem, a tweak, or an upgrade required, we can sort it chop chop. Hosting with us also gives you access to in-depth analytics concerning the traffic around your site.

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In the mean time, we'll fill this site with random weblogs about new things developing on the net and on our server. This constant updating of new media, filled with links and keywords, along with some technical SEO keyword hunting, should up the ranks of the site over time, as more and more visits come by.

So if you need any web support, here's a list of what we do:

Custom Websites, Content Management, Search Engine Optimizing, Journalism, Graphic Design, Recoding of ASP websites into PHP, Recoding of websites from Wordpress, Wix, Drupal, etc. And with the internet evolving so rapidly, chances are, your website is built with outdated code and can be streamlined to be quicker, brighter and more user friendly.

Anytime, just contact and ask...

many thanks

Shawn Wehsling
CEO Codesign web za
+27 74 1192 999

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updated: Thu 15 Jan 2015