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EarthFirst website

Spiderwebz on the Interwebz

Earthfirst is a classic case of spiderwebs on the interwebz. With the rapid evolution of internet coding languages and techniques, most websites are smooth sailing behind the times. This is all okay, and such websites will continue to work well in most cases, altho earthfirst seemed to surface as one of those sites that fell off the plank!

What started out as a favour for a friend, like "hey I got a website, can you stick it on the net for me?", turned out to be a real archeological adventure in html1, which quickly became nightmarish.

The original site was built by Adobe's Dreamweaver (yuk), and the code behind it comprising reams and reams of depracated tables and unnecessary tags, it contained really old javascript that crashed the website every time you tried to open it, and when we fixed that, it then took ages to load what essentially is a really simple storyboard site.

We tried to fix it, but reading Dreamweaver code is like wading thru porridge, and this will never do, for coding really is like poetry, and in order for one to express perfect meaning, only the latest and greatest lines should be employed as the most logical path to definition. Computers like it this way, for coding is like Zen - the more you can get done with the least amount of code, is the path to enlightenment.

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Earthfirst was rewritten as a replica of the original, and contains useful information for anyone interested in hands-on sustainability.


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updated: Sun 1 Feb 2015