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flatfile cms with seo

What's a CMS again?

Self empowering Systems to Manage one's own internet Content

Front End Website = the one everyone can see on the net
CMS or Back End Website = the one only you can log into to add/edit/delete all the content of the Front End Website

Content Management Systems (CMSs) have evolved from great coders creating websites for high flying people who want to manage their own content, without having to call up a lazy, distracted and pimply twerp of a web guy, only to beg and plead to be ignored and overcharged.

The CMS is a secret other website behind your website, comprised of a host of input fields in which you, the webmaster, can upload, edit or delete all forms of media on your front-end website, keeping your site fresh and new all the time.

Codesign has developed a miniature, 'flat file' CMS for a number of clients. This is a CMS which does not require the use of a database and so therefore costs less to host, is more secure, and allows more features to be implimented on the fly - like instant SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This website is a simple version of one of them, where we've only included one blogging system. Any other pages can be added too, like events, albums and other media, even a shopping cart with new product inputs, specially designed so you can update your SEO on the fly and chisel much more hits.

Want one! don't be afraid of what it looks like, as this can change into anything you like. The mechanics behind the page will remain the same for now, regardless of how its cosmetics are configured.

Contact us anytime for a more in-depth acquaintance...

updated: Sun 18 Jan 2015