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the Kandu site was built around 2014 when their vision was first formed, for creating and providing an effective means of capturing data in rural areas. Partnering with African Conservation Trust, Kandu has been building software that is helping to manage small farms in rural areas to better support their micro agriculture businesses. We've kept a close eye on this project not only for what can be witnessed at a code level, but for the good work they are doing with the good farmers of this land - small scale and micro growers are supported thruout rural and peri-urban landscapes to farm with organic methods, providing least of all employment, good food, good health, savings on food spend, and above all, care for the earth. Find out more at

kandu co za

Three years later, Codesign joins the Kandu team to carry on the mission of building on this process by throwing reams and reams of code at it. 2017 is where Kandu impliments its vision for automating the supply chain from these farmers, allowing for a more effective delivery of services and support. Keep an eye on this project, we are very proud to be a part of it.

Working with Kandu has meant learning a few fancy new tricks! Like Python Django code and all the thrills that come with handling monoliths of data...! Here is the spin from the website...:

From a simple custom survey, to ongoing data collection, analysis and reporting, Kandu started out as an on/offline survey tool and has grown to become a fully supported custom development tool that can provide a backbone of intelligence in your operation to be acted upon, or reported on immediately, tracked over time, and provide a data generated topology of what is happening over wide areas and wide ranges of time.

The Kandu Data Management Platform allows for electronic surveying in the field, from a handheld device such as a smartphone. Data is uploaded directly to a cloud based, relational database and made available via custom, browser based reports, exportable to a variety of formats.

Kandu service is part of the platform.

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updated: Sun 13 Jan 2017