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Forget about wix or wordpress and invest the definitive art of your website

So you want a website, and you want complete control of it, without having to call up the web guy, but you don't care to spend 15 hours on wordpress only to figure out that you have all the same awkward lego blocks as everyone else has with which to build your site.

You realize the your website will speak for you in your absence, before anyone thinks of calling you, and for this you want it to relate a whole lot more of the personality of your enterprise than wordpress et al can afford to create for you.

You don't have to work so hard to discover all the limitations of DIY web design.

At Codesign web ZA, we have built a really neat and minimal Content Management System that will ask you for basic information, pictures and any other media you want to share, and seamlessly string it all together and present it in the design format of your website. The Codesign website is a living example of such a system. We write these blogs thru a one page interface you can check out here, and we edit or delete them here, and the page you are looking at now is automagikly generated in the Codesign format.

micro flat file CMS with SEO

For you, your personal, or business website will look different to this, but the mechanics that create the pages will be the same. You can have any pages you like, with any information on them - all editable by you, in your time, as you go and as your web presence evolves. And above all, Codesign is available 24/7 to help out if you holla, altho you shouldn't need to, as the system is designed to give you full control all round.

How do we know what you'd want your site to look like? Well there is an initial design fee of course, along with lots of conversation about what you want your site to do and what you want it to look like. This means that we build your site with raw code, and no one else will have the same lego blocks as you. Your site can be animated and user-interactive in any way you can imagine within the confines of a computer screen.

So take a look at our portfolio, and think about how you'd like your site to work out. If you're not sure where to start, here is a quick and easy guide to get going. List your inspirations, and give us a shout anytime you are ready.

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updated: Sun 1 Feb 2015