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smaller veiwportOver a Month in the Lab and the urbanshaman website has been completely rewritten into codesign's custom flat file CMS, meaning that it's now totally responsive, and shockingly easy to upload and manage media on the site, which could certainly get a lot more work done around here.

Responsive means that your website self adjusts to fit any size veiwport, from widescreen to mobile. Since this is not the day and age to have a not-responsive website, responsible designers have to make it a standard feature, as not everyone has a laptop, but everyone has a phone.

You can check if your website is responsive, by sliding the width of your browser window, until it's tall and skinny, and see how the layout adjusts. If it cant adjust to mobile width, it becomes less accessible to mobile veiwers.

So if you need to recode to get it happening, let us know...

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updated: Thu 26 Mar 2015