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the Partner Farmer website

the Partner Farmer website

a fantastic non profit project revolutionizing food production in Durban, South Africa

We are very proud to have contributed a small part to the massive Partner Farmer project taking place in Durban, South Africa. About two years ago, in 2014, we created the storyboard website for this project.

It was originally created as a self-managed website, ie, the client could upload and edit all of their content, using a database system. Then when we developed our original, flat file system, we upgraded their site free as part of our agreement, and when we did so, we decided to give the old portal a once over, with a fresh n funky new look.

This project is an incredible reminder of what this civilisation has forgotten - that all of our grand achievements can actually be attributed to those who toil in the Earth, who grow our food, not with pesticides and chemicals, but with conscientiousness and good work. The Partner Farmer project is an initiative offered by Newlands Mashu Community Projects, and works to support small scale rural farmers, not only to feed themselves good wholesome organic food, using ageless permaculture methods, but also providing semi-automated systems that distribute their produce from hundreds of small farms and into the city center.

Read more at Partner Farmer. If you live in Durban, South Africa, make contact with them and get your weekly organic veg box as we do...

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updated: Mon 1 Feb 2016