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Recoding into opensource PHP

urbanshaman websitethe urbanshaman website belongs to Codesign's founder Shawn Wehsling. It's about 8 years old and has undergone numerous recodings to keep up with the rapid evolution of web software technologies. Starting out as, it was written in the abonimable coding language that is proprietary to Window's Microsoft, called As lovely as this may sound for some, the ASP language is now almost obselete and one may find higher costs, or other difficulties in hosting an ASP website, as Shawn discovered.

And so it turned out the site had to be recoded in its entirety - translated into a completely different, yet more current language called PHP. Now PHP is a language that was created by the common folk - opensource programmers from around the world created this language by sharing online together and continually update and evolve its structure and its performance because they can and because they want to make the internet a better place. Microsoft's ASP, on the other hand, will not evolve until some paid goon decides to be creative for a change, and then you never know what you going to get.

Anyway, urbanshaman received a complete recode, and was translated from microsoft ASP into opensource PHP, and received a few upgrades at the same time. One never really knows what a website could look like until the old model is recycled.

It is a really really unfortunate task to have to recode such a large website from scratch, but in this internet age, your website is usually the first thing people see from you, and it really should come forward in tip top shape, and for this reason, urbanshaman will be recoded entirely... AGAIN... to be what designers call 'responsive'. unlike the image of the current site below, the new 'responsive' site will automagikly adjust its layout so as to appear awesome on any size veiwing screen and any size mobile device.

urbanshaman irresponsive website

It will take a few months to say the least, as urbanshaman is an unpaid job, but neverless a portfolio job, and so a complete rewrite will happen, and the site will be modified to use the new Codesign flat file CMS package.

So let's be generous and relaunch the urbanshaman site on April Fools day 2015 okay? Just in case we don't finish it on time... ;)

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updated: Fri 23 Jan 2015