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Codesign is a loose collection of strapping young website developers based in Durban, South Africa. We've learned deep code the hard way, fallen in love with it as a futuristic and experimental digital art platform, and now spend alot of our free time making the internet a more interesting experience for all. Whatever your purposes, a personal blog, a corporate billboard, ecommerce shop or specialized social media platform, if you can imagine it onto a computer screen, we can build it, host it, manage its content and its search engine optimization 24/7/365...


We design in raw code, cutting out unnecessary 3rd parties like Wordpress, Dreamweaver & Wix etc, to enable full control in design, as well as complete ownership of your virtual real estate.
Design is completely dependent upon application and scope of vision, and with the latest web technologies, it can be literally anything you can imagine onto a computer screen. Raw code has very few limits.
From a simple storyboard, your site can utilize databases, interact with users, sell your warez in an online shop, or even be a medium of specialized social networking.
All of your existing social media platforms will also be seamlessly integrated to centralize all your web operations on your home page.


SEO is a thoroughly ingrained process of grooming the code of your website to be easily understandable by the search engine 'robots' that read and index it, in relation to similar sites, for competing for the holy grail of being listed on the first page of google searches.
These 'robots' are still computers, and they only receive information in one certain way, which must be complied with at every single instance. These instances include page titles, descriptions, keyword listings, keyword distribution in copy, filenames, links to and from the site in relation to other sites, all of which will hopefully be asserted by the number of returning visits. Your site content and SEO will be constantly updated in relation to your monthly in-depth analytics.


SEO ratings always favour new media, uploaded timeously and responsively to user demand. In order to keep your site fresh and exciting, there should optimally be a constant stream of new media being uploaded all the time. These measures will ensure that potential clients who have never met you, will know you as someone on the ball and active in your field.
For a competitive rate, we are available to manage content updates, as your SEO is heavily dependent on how this is done. Wordflow is as important as image clarity and relation. File names and sizes affect user experience. We are adept at graphic design, audio, video and copy creation and editing.